Pocket Minesweeper

Pocket Minesweeper 1.0

Mobile minesweeper


  • It's minesweeper and lots of people like it


  • It's standard fare with no thrills


You know minesweeper, that old game that, along with Solitaire has survived the technological dark ages and is still with us, in pretty much the same format - still just as challenging, annoying or fun depending on your point of view.

Here the action comes in three flavours - beginner, intermediate or advanced - but the gameplay is just the same. Mark out different tiles with flags, try and clear the board without exploding any hidden landmines and keep your fingers crossed that you make it to the next level.

Plus there's a clock counting how good you are. Depending what level you choose, the board will be made up of more or less squares from which you need to carefully pinpoint the danger zones.

A new version of an old favourite.

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Pocket Minesweeper


Pocket Minesweeper 1.0

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